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About Me

My Move to Maui

I cannot express with words how thankful i am for landing here one day to vacation on Beautiful Maui. You see for some this Island is a place of relaxation and warm beach fun, for me it's a state of pure bliss, where i finally understood who i really was, so thanks Maui 

and it's beautiful Aloha spirit for embracing me and guiding me along the way...

My Medium

I use Oil paint for my paintings on canvas, surfboards and even my car! please check the ART CAR Video i made on my website...

I also use organic and natural bodypaints for my bodypaintings

My Inspiration

My inspiration starts within, then I listen and pay attention to what unfolds in front of my eyes which usually brings great insight 

of what my next painting will be.

For bodypainting, the inspiration comes from a total different source, it comes from the model I bodypaint. I never know in advance what will come out. I truly let the soul of the body I paint express itself and guide me to what it wants to reveal...it's pretty extraordinary and quite surprising each time...

I just love it!

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